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wind and solar

Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
Wind or solar are never going to be the only source of energy. Because obviously, sometimes it is overcast while there's no wind as well. At least locally.
Still, it is all moot until solar and wind power expand over 25 times from their current levels. We can absorb everything on a windy and sunny day. Denmark may have some overproduction days from their giant wind farms, but the rest of Europe readily absorbs what they throw at them.

Overproduction needs to be the standard. Then we can really start storing energy in Tesla's big MF batteries for lulls in the weather.
*The February 2017 NATURE reported that Europe is on track to reach a 20% renewable increment of the total grid load.
*China is increasing it's increment.
*ditto USA.
*Today,Xcel Energy is at a 35% carbon reduction.
*Their 2022 target is 50%.
*Their 2050 target is 100%.(32-year time window)
*Which makes the most optimistic target for USA decarbonization,thirty-two years out.
*Which would allow 32-years before the last graveside ceremony for USA fossil fuels.
*Jeremy Rifkin says we'll be out of oil long before then.
*Coal is already in a death rattle,because of natural gas and renewables.
*Researchers in Toronto,Canada have come up with stable,stacked,4-junction,nanotechnology,thin-film,low-temp,low-cost,perovskite photovoltaics with independently-certified performance of over 30% conversion efficiencies.
*General Motors Labs have figured out how to squeeze performance out of less rare-earth magnet.
*Turbine bio-mimicking, wing morphing, suggests potential improvements in wind turbine energy capture efficiencies (paybacks/profits).
*Electric vehicles are predicted to eclipse internal combustion vehicles in price by 2025,allowing for wind and solar-powered cars.
*Electrical power storage R&D is ongoing.
*Young researchers,who've grown up sharing code,data,assumptions and theories,will in all likelihood,just run away with solutions the old guard couldn't even conceptualize.
*3-D metal printing,AI,and automation is transforming manufacturing.
*Metallized zenon diflouride has caught the attention of some as a future power partner.
Interesting times!
*Not to mention any Congessman.
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