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numbers and math

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I never said it was impossible.
It's just impossible the way the believers want to do it.
No fossil fuels, no nuclear, use technology that doesn't exist, implementation of grid batteries on a currently impossible scale, ect.
If engineers are allowed to solve the problem instead of politicians then it will work.
The green party politicians are like "all we need is some solar, some wind, a few batteries and a few more hits off this bong".
I'm going by numbers and math not wish full thinking and mild physio active drugs.
At least one messenger has thrown a caution flag out on the field of numbers.
As of February,2017,the US Energy Information Administration was the only entity,worldwide,that had full transparency,as associated with energy calculations,data,assumptions,and models.Anyone can access their material at their website and run the numbers for themselves.
Anything else published can be viewed with suspicion.
Green Party people I know don't know any more than the next person about energy issues.I observed much emotionally-driven thinking,rather than reason.
Engineers and scientists have just recently discovered testicles,and are beginning to stand up,and out,against potentially sociopathic Congressmen and White House residents.
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