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8 tw

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
2:1 efficiency improvement leaves 8 TW average for the world to replace with solar or wind. 13 million 2MW turbines at 33% CF. 170 tons of materials each. 2.7 Gigatons.
1 billion cars in the world. 1.7 tons each. 1.7 Gigatons
We probably ought to decide which to really focus on next.

One construction crew can install and commision 50 2MW turbines per year. Capacity factor of 33% gives 33MW actual capacity per year per crew.
24 million crew years to install 8 TW of wind. If they last 24 years, we need 1 million crews working continously forever to power the world with wind. More or less. Towers last longer so the second and third time through would be easier.
20 hours of storage for the world would require 1.6 million BigF'nBatteries at 100 MWh each. 250 GigaFactories for 25 years and then forever to keep recycling them. If they could last 25 years.
I promise to remain steadfast in my conviction that 8-TW is a bogus metric to strive for.
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