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6 mw

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Wow! 1,000 tons of concrete for each pad at Musselroe. Offshore monopiles are 650 tons for 6MW turbines. I just went with the low side of the first value that poped up to show the monumental scale of the task to replace fossil fuel ahead.
So increase my total above by 5X to include the concrete and steel for pads. 15 GigaTons.
All installed with liquid fueled heavy equipment.
We would be wise to base all of the design decisions in such a way that we plan to reuse all of the foundations and towers for 100 years. Or as long as possible.
I couldn't find out how many man days were worked to install the 50 turbines at Musselroe but they stated 15 months. One million of these teams working constantly for 24 years to replace half our energy with wind. And then constanly forever to maintain it.
How many Tiny Homes,which use 115 kWh/month can 'live' in luxury off of a single 6-MW turbine?

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