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I lived in my Subaru Legacy for almost 2 years. My job had me doing 13hr days for half a week, and I couldn't see myself paying rent just to sleep.

I'd pack my clothes for the week, work my 13hr shift and then grab dinner from the McDonalds $1 menu. Then I'd head to a nearby abandoned hardware store parking lot. They had cut the power to the street lamps so it was nice and dark. I'd brush my teeth and listen to the radio briefly before putting the rear seats down and crawling into my sleeping bag. I left my car doors unlocked because I'd rather not have smashed windows, and I could more easily tackle anyone trying to enter that way. Never had an issue.

Police would ask what I'm doing about once every 2 months. I'd just say that I'm sleeping on private property, and they'd leave.

In the morning I would get a workout and shower at my 24HR gym, which I pay $8/mo for.

KCF used to have full meals for $3, and Safeway used to have JoJos, a corndog, and a pop for $2. Not sure what the cheapest quick food options are these days, but the McDonalds app has deals. I had a medium fry and McDouble for $2 yesterday.
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