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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
The only nuclear meltdown to have killed was Chernobyl. 0 dead from 3 mile and Fukushima. Those who have died due to the business of producing nuclear energy are far fewer than those who have died producing all other types of electricity in terms of deaths per MWh delivered.

Occasional death is not a sufficient reason to be against something. If my family died in a plane crash, I would not be anti-flight.

Ladder falls kill a surprisingly large amount of people, and it accounts for among the largest percentage of accidental death, yet we don't see anti-ladder protesters in the streets.
You haven't mentioned all the uranium miners in Grants, New Mexico who continue to die.
Or the US ARMY volunteers who died from radioactive fallout at the Nevada Test site.
All California wine is radioactive today because of the Fukushima hydrogen explosion/release.It's a bit upsetting.And the nuclear power industry will be tasked with 'selling' the idea of nuclear power.
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