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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
The total efficiency gains available from a full electric conversion have been calculated. They project about 2:1 improvement. This leaves a techno-utopian solution to come up with 8.5 TW average currently after replacing or retrofitting $100's of trillions in built out machines and infrastucture. Not to mention the continuing population growth that we are locked in to for another 70 years and bootstrapping 3 billion underdeveloped people who still burn wood and dung for cooking and heat.

Not without increasing total primary energy consumption again. If you get down from the current 17 TW to 8 TW from the maximum application of technology, any increases in population, or the standard of living for poor people, will increase energy consumption from there. It will take a complete redistribution of wealth and a whole new world wide social system to get below the half of 17TW that a techno transformation might provide.
Underdeveloped farmer/ herders are the world leaders in percentage of renewable energy at 97%. From firewood and dung. They will suffer the least in the next 50 years during the coming Great Simplification.
I suppose you could have a moratorium on 'conventional' home construction over the next 32-years,building nothing but tiny-like homes,consolidate office space into 24-7 operation,shrink it by 66%,let go of Boutique industry,arrest leisure travel,vacation travel,ban left turns at all intersections,destroy all corner retail businesses and replace with cloverleafs, synchronize traffic lights,...……..unless everything was done with zero carbon,while continuously building out new renewable capacity.

Any municipality which is out of compliance with the Clean Air Act would freeze all building permits.There would be no new residential or commercial real estate development unless zero environmental impact could be guaranteed under penalty of death.Tax appraisal districts could go fishing.
Real estate developers and real estate agents could pay for new schools instead of bond elections.
No travel to soccer,baseball,football,rugby,gymnastics,ballet,c horus,golf,swimming,tennis,hiking,back-packing,...……….. unless with zero-carbon transport.

Criminalize traffic accidents.If you're texting,or putting your makeup on,or gourmet cooking,while behind the wheel,and cause a multi-million-dollar traffic jam,you'll be arrested,your car impounded,and you'll be liable for compensating all the good drivers who were delayed or otherwise affected by your stupid behavior.No attorney to get out of jail.First strike and you're out.
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