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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Well what do you expect.
When electricity becomes stupid expensive people are going to chop down trees and burn them.
I like how they "almost doubled the price of electricity in 10 years" and only have 1.2% of solar power to show for it.
What's going to happen when 10% of their power comes from solar?
It's going to be down right unaffordable to most people.
Have you run across breakdowns of actual production costs,versus wholesale/retail pricing for different technologies?
Oil refineries' kWh load per gallon of finished stock is three times their reported total production cost,if figured at retail price points. And that's not saying anything else about their costs.And I'd be paying 12-cents it it weren't for my wind option.

Wind costs me 1-penny difference.Solar might cost me the same,but I'd have to buy a block of 200 kWhs,and I don't use that much a month.
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