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I can only visit the thread occasionally. Right now 108 is the last page, but sometimes it thinks there's 428 pages but 108 is the last that displays. Anyways....

I prefers R. B. Fuller's formulation, it's humankind's final exam:

“Up to now we have been permitted ignorance. We have been permitted selfishness. With selfishness to drive us, with technology exploited solely to make money, we have managed during my lifetime to brim 52 per cent of all humanity to a higher standard of living than anyone—monarch or millionaire—had ever experienced before.

“When I was born, a high standard of living was enjoyed by less than 1 per cent. And during this 52 per cent gain for all humanity, the world population doubled, so there was actually a 104‐folding of the life‐support production capability. And during that same time the life expectancy of the newly advantaged human crop also approximately doubled.” (Yes, that is exactly how he talks. Long phrases like “newly advantaged human crop” tumble out as if they were single words.)

None of this, he emphasizes, was planned. It was like the gradual assembly of the chicken inside the egg, to the casual eye chaotic and uncontrolled. “Humans do not see the logical interrelatedness of big evolutionary development.”

Planning is still not incumbent on us, not the way “Planners” think of planning. How events and discoveries will cohere is utterly unforeseeable. The one sure thing is that cohere they will. The “Planner” incarnates the human mistake of supposing that Universe is waiting for human beings to make the major evolutionary decisions.

What is incumbent on human beings now is to give up selfishness — the “me first” priority which could be rationalized so long as men were convinced that there wasn't enough of anything to go around. But that is no longer plausible. “There is no energy shortage. There is no energy crisis. There is a crisis of ignorance.

“My recent energy studies make it absolutely clear that by 1985, using only the technology available already, we can produce enough energy for everybody in the world, while phasing out all fossil fuels and atomic energy. Fuller and the Final Exam by Hugh Kenner 1975

All Darc — Concrete contains gravel-sized rock and sand. Mortar contains sand. There're three grades below rock: sand, silt and clay; and one of the means of greening deserts is clay that has been blasted by sound waves into nano-scale particles. Then there are other admixtures, like plastic vacuum miicro-bubbles or cork dust. So the cement can be mixed with more than air bubbles.

The shape you describe is an Archimedean semi-regular, the icosadodecahedron. All the 20 faces of the icosahedron and 12 faces of the dodecahedron truncated icosahedron.

The pink and blue example is a 3-frequency geodesic, with a vertex at the center of each flat face. The soccer ball shape on the right can be approximated with a higher, say 5 or 6-frequency dome (with a little guttering on the icosa-dodeca edges). The whole thing is mathematically definable to whatever accuracy you require.

Usually no more than 2/10000ths inch, or five decimal places.

."Once men turned their thinking over to machines thinking this would set them free. This only allowed other men with machines to enslave them." Frank Herbert

Sadhguru: Yesterday isn't good or bad, it's gone.

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