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So everything I .........

Originally Posted by redneck View Post

So everything I post is a lie ?

And everything you and the other believers post is gospel ?



So the guy has a B.S., M.S. and a Ph.D.

And he’s unqualified to have a opinion ?

Oh yeah I forgot.

He’s not part of the “cult”.

My bad...

No,that's not it at all.It's just that there are other voices out there,who've done research on this topic and results are mixed,conditional,contextual.
There will be 'winners' and 'losers',and the consensus is that there will be more losers.
I'm compiling data,by topic,and will have some things to share,but I can't seem to keep up with the wide spectrum of climate-related subjects that come across this thread.
Off the top of my head,climate/crop research reported:
*soil moisture issues/crop failure
*heat-related plant isoprene/ground-level ozone crop destruction.
*Atmospheric CO2 concentration growth acceleration,then plateauing,and zero additional benefit
*planting time disasters
*pollinator disasters
*temperature-related photosynthetic growth arrest at 104-F.
*heat wilt
*heat kill
*vertical temperature dynamics and forest destruction
*invasive insects
*decimating airborne fungal crop disease (brown rust,yellow rust)epidemics,USA,Canada,Europe,Africa,.......... ..
*bark beetle forest kill
*pine beetle forest kill
*Phytoplankton UV radiation kill-off
*under-ice algae death and replacement by invasive phyto- and zoo-plankton
*oceanic algal blooms(driven by increased winds)
*heat-related deaths of farm workers due to temperature/humidity-related renal failure.
*atmospheric river-related,extreme rain events/crop decimation
*sea-level rise,saltwater intrusion onto arable farm land/crop destruction
*ditto,groundwater/irrigation water fouling and loss of irrigation capability/crop failure
*flood interference with crop harvesting
I don't remember it all.
It's a very complex issue.
Every opinion is important and it makes for good science and education so please keep sharing,and don't take anything personal.We're just talkin'.
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