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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
I do not know how much I would usually trust a used car salesman, but one that is selling the car after two months? Was the car repainted before or after the fender was damaged?

Did I not share this originally?

It is 198 miles from my house to his area if I drive through a canyon, which I do not want to do again, particularly in the winter. It is 284 miles the other way, so I would honestly prefer that a mechanic inspect it first. I would be willing to pay a Honda dealership to check it out before I made the drive.
I'll be honest, you probably already know more about these cars than a dealer would. They hate G1 Insight owners and don't want to deal with these cars.

There's no voodoo or hocus pocus under the hood. Check out mpg_numbers_guy's thread for specifics on picking one up, common issues etc.
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