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Global Warming is Good........................

The only other argument for climate change that I've run across,has to do with 4-season locals.
U.S.Representative,Duncan Hunter,(R),California,Chairman,House Sub-Committee overseeing U.S. Coastguard said,
'Thousands of people die every year of cold,so if we had global warming it would save lives.'
And the 6-lb baby Jesus can save us all from Climate Change according to Mac Thornberry,Chairman,House Armed Services Committee,as he argues that prayer is a better response to heat waves and drought than cutting carbon pollution.
I suspect that this will be of great comfort to the family survivors of all the tens of thousands of dead Christians who've perished in heat waves and drought.
*photosynthesis improves up to 20-C
*from 20-C-to-35-C it plateaus
*from 35-C-to-40-C it declines (leaves wilt, solar capture declines)
*at 40-C is ceases (stomata close,carbon dioxide intake arrests)
*plant dehydrates
*plant reaches thermal shock
*plant dies
*In a laboratory,added CO2 may help with growth
*not all plants react to CO2 the same way
*weeds love CO2
*termites love trees killed by invasive bark beetles
*termites love trees killed by invasive pine beetles
*forests of dead trees love to become wild fires when lightning strikes
*CO2-warmed plants love to make isoprene and VOCs instead of grow
*Isoprene loves to photochemically combine with antropogenic BBQ-grille pollution to form ground level ozone which kills the plant
*Seared human lung alvioli enjoy accelerated lung scarring with ground level ozone
*CO2-warmed heat-loving C-4 metabolic photosynthetic plants love to take over C-3 plants
*Fall armyworm larvae (Spodoptera frugiperda) love to eat CO2-warmed crops
*spongiform encephalitis carried north by ticks,hitch-hiking aboard deer,love to eat out the brains of moose,if they haven't already died of hypothermia from rubbing off all their hair due to the ticks.
*Oh yes,a real bright spot for the tourist water-skiing industry, who'll be active at the North Pole during summers,as early as 2025
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