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Originally Posted by All Darc
How will humanity try to reduce the effects of ice age, when the next one come[th]?
A good question but you graphic doesn't address it.* The Earth's orbit eccentricity is 0.02:

Earth's orbit has an eccentricity of less than 0.02, which means that it is very close to being circular. That is why the difference between the Earth's distance from the Sun at perihelion and aphelion is very little – less than 5 million km.



1 Earth's movements
1.1 Orbital shape (eccentricity)
1.1.1 Effect on temperature
1.1.2 Effect on lengths of seasons
1.2 Axial tilt (obliquity)
1.3 Axial precession
1.4 Apsidal precession
1.5 Orbital inclination
2 Problems
2.1 100,000-year problem
2.2 Transition problem
2.3 Unsplit peak problem
2.4 Stage 5 problem
2.5 Effect exceeds cause
*I think that monomaniacally addressing the perceived problem leaves us open to being blind-sided by the Black Swan events. Space may be no refuge, we may need to go underground. Again.
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