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I don't understand... Is it worth for just take water from 3 meters depth and bring to surface ? Just because algae concentration was high in the surface?
How it helps?
What moves the pump? Oh, the solar power? Where is it, the panels ???

One question about swage to potable process (from the earlier video I posted): How can it be viable, using reverse osmosis when used for desalinization, for example, it's very expensive. Unles reverse osmosis for desalinization tooks much more energy (pressure) to remove salt than to remove bacteria and chemicla and drugs.

And the swage need to be pre treated before go to the cleaning process to became potable. This pre-treatment, used to make swage harmless to oceans (but not up to drink) it's more expensive than water treament to make good river's water potable. At least it's what I heard in my country, that it's easier and cheaper to get pobable water treatning river water than make swage water harmless to oceans.

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Minimum Viable Product, or in other words... The least we can do. Water quality deserves more. Here's a clip from Comprehend and Copy Nature. The whole thing is worth you time:

All the Schauberger components are there, the Water Egg, the twisted pipes, the implosion impeller.

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