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I wondered the same thing about the solar panels. Three meters is possibly the depth of that pond.

As for the pre-treatment in you videos, it's being funded and performed anyway. They're just taking advantage. It probably wouldn't be viable (assuming it even is) otherwise.

I was watching a Youtube video on the Shauberger Trout Turbine, when I saw a mention of this: DANGER FOUND IN OILFIELDS ACROSS THE NATION

[All caps in original] This is from 1990, before fracking became popular. 'Produced' water contains radium, they just dumped it on the ground.

2nd edit:

Scot Adams weighs in on the topic:

It sounds like he wants to be Dave Ruben, but he mentions Bill Gates being in favor of nuclear power .....and Thorium

When I reloaded this page to add an edit, vBulletin dropped me back to 2018-03-13 Permalink # 1089-90 when Frank Lee and I were discussing music videos. So because it's a new year, and people are down on Baby It's Cold Outside, here is this:

[Not sure how you expose the URL only. You have to go to Youtube for this one.]
Good sense, innocence, cripplin' mankind
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"Incense And Peppermints"

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