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People often tell me that I do not eat enough fat.

"Cheese. I get my fat from cheese."

Cheese makes almost everything better--except pancakes. I regretted that.

The ex that I keep mentioning once said "I don't like vegetables, except with ranch, or mayonaise."

She also outweighed me, while being a foot shorter, and she gained a great deal of weight after we broke up.

I always try to eat salad without dressing, but then I hate it. This indicates that a homemade vinaigrette is the healthiest lubricant:

It also says that a salad can easily have as many calories as a burger.

I keep ordering salads and then finding bacon and fried things.

I was interested in finding tasty vegan food when I was dating a 90% vegan. I wish that dating me and making good decisions did not seem to be mutually exclusive.

Why is dating me a poor decision? I am not terrible!

There must be dozens of singles 30 - 45 in my area. Dozens of us! I figure that if I advertised that I was having a barbecue and made clear that it would be good food, not just the cheapest hot dogs, burgers, and buns that I could find, I should have... some kind of turnout.

I have wanted to try things like these:


However, with as many cancellations as I have, I am unable to eat this way alone.

I need to figure out how to cook with my dates instead of going out to eat. With one we went to different restaurants twice and then to Denny's.

Fans asked The King of Random to boil water in a wooden bowl and they did not know if they could boil it before the water burned.

1. Boil water in a pot.
2. Place wooden bowl in boiling water.
3. Put water in the bowl and see if enough heat transfers through without burning.

Happy New Year!
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