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Bill Gates's Janicki OmniProcessor (water from swage)

Also generates some electricity and the solids have value (fertilizer ? )

But wait a second... Pure water from boiling process it's suposed to be very slow. Try to take water from vapor at your home. Even a giant pan boiling it, with a huge home condenser, would only generate a few liters per day. So a usine even if use industrial process could not clean a lot water to a comunity, unless it's just the amount needing for drink and cooking.

There is this other process, up to use in home, that do not use micro filtration, and it's not very good, since it can't kill all bacteria (just 99,9%) and do not remove disolved soplids or heavy metals or pesticides :

Fast translation help : He collected water from toileds from a bus station, mixed with dirty water he got from a smal farm ground, and mixed both in a bucket.
Cleaning step one it's agglutination (dirty partricles get togeter after a aditive he put on it (firt thing he added), followed by segmantation, filtration and the use of chlorine to kill bacteria and virus (last thing he aded). Sadly no sand filtration, no activated carbon filtration, no reverse osmosis, but it's better than crap dirty water in many poor places.

The guy in the video sent the "home treated water (collected from a toilet and from farm at ground as show in the video) to a lab for tests, before drink, and the lab said it was potable. The lab report do not mention heavy metals or pesticides, so I presume they didn't tested such.

Reverse osmosis it's the best to remove heavy metals and pesticides. For swage water treatment to turn it potable, I found reverse osmosis it's not as expensive as it's for desalinization, since there are much less salts in swage water than in sea water.

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