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First tank was some putting around the neighborhood, spirited twisties, and 70+ mph highway plus a good amount of tucking. 70.4 MPG. It is important to mention that this was a slight overfill. I had the radiator blocked a little more than halfway, but the 60-65 degree ambient temperature was enough to keep coolant temps around high 190s. I went down to 1/4 block to keep temps around 170. Oil cooler was probably 80% blocked.

Michelin road 5s are on and scrubbed in. They had been ridden for 40 miles or so before the twisties, so I can't comment on warmup time, however, once they were there, they performed excellently. I never slipped on them, and they gave enough confident traction to allow me to scrape the exhaust clamp bolts! I thought I had finally scraped pegs, guess not!

The matching set of road 5s is definitely a better fit than the road 5 front and Shinko raven rear on my brother's SV. The other setup needs more bar effort to crank it over, the road 5 set feels more natural. That Shinko, despite being a rather flat profile still gave good grip when leaned over. Wet roads were the only situation where I doubted that tire.

Originally Posted by jkv357 View Post
Non o-ring chain?
Nope, its got o-rings. This bike is intended to be my reliable long distance bike, so a non o-ring chain that wears out quickly is not really exciting. If I get an auto oiler rigged up, I would consider it, but not until then. Current chain is freshly cleaned and lubed, so if I run another tank through it before changing the gearing it may help give better mileage.

Originally Posted by jkv357 View Post
Rear fender removal would be mostly for aero reasons. I never used the grab bar. Even with the blocked cooling a hotter plug may still help with combustion efficiency at low RPMs.
Yes, I figured it may help aero. I still like the idea of a functional rear fender complete with reflectors. Flush mount signals can make it difficult to tell which way you are turning. When I replace the 4 plugs, i'll consider getting hotter ones.

Originally Posted by jkv357 View Post
Flush mount front signals and smaller more areo mirrors would be an improvement.
Originally Posted by jkv357 View Post
You will need to pull out all the stops to get to 100 MPG with the SV, but it should be interesting.
It might be as much work as getting my accord to 50 MPG was, which took 2 years. We will see!

I still have two other motorcycles that need to be ridden, and as they are carbureted, they should be ridden often to keep problems at bay. It may take a while before I can run another tank through this thing.
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