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With a short search, I couldn't find any mention of the un-aerodynamic Dodge Caliber, sold most often with Nissan CVT.
Worked hard to average 31MPG with E10 fuel. Was able to average 33MPG, with a highest ever 37MPG, using E0 fuel. Was excellent in stop&go traffic AND ascending variable slope mountain passes. I traded the Caliber for a slightly less weighted & powered 2013 6sp. automatic Hyundai Elantra (roomier), which averaged 39MPG with E0 with a high of 45MPG. The Elantra, with very slightly smaller gas tank, once gave 500 miles, whereas the Caliber max distance was 430-440 miles. We got a 2016 6sp. manual tranny Elantra (same color, too), that averages the same or better than the auto. Lots of versatility with both the automatic & manual trannies, & no trips to the repair or replacement shops like DC, CVT, 9 & 10 speed trannies.

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