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Originally Posted by Daschicken View Post
Motorcycle oil is very expensive, and generally has mediocre performance compared to car oils as far as shear resistance. We can assume we need to buy their expensive specific oil, or we can think outside the box a little. Maybe put some pressure on the oil companies to make better oil cheaper. I'm going to run this thing for a few thousand miles before swapping to the DL650 cams, so if any damage is going to occur, that is where it will show up.
Just run a diesel oil if motorcycle-specific oil is too expensive.

T6 does shear down, but you want a lower viscosity oil anyway. Shear doesn't cause engine damage. Low ZDDP levels cause damage. I don't run T6 in my SV because the shifting isn't as smooth after the oil shears. The cost of 3 quarts of oil is not a major concern for me.

As far as the clutch not slipping, maybe it will and maybe it won't, but it takes time for the Moly to build-up on the clutch plates and cause slipping.

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