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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Alrighty then, let's speculate.

No drivetrain in a clay model. Not modeling the inflow and outflow of the [gas or electric] cooling will alter the external results.

The air curtain on the tail is shown to work. It is a Coanda nozzle. The retractable spoiler is small enough that I'd call it a Gurney flap.
To clarify, the 2018 Aston Martin DB11 is NOT a clay model, but the other image I posted just to post an image is a clay model of a "Rimac Automobili".

Let us keep the apples and oranges in their respective baskets.

Back to the DB11, I suspect that the high pressure wave in front of the car is diverting much of the air around the car. And that the car and it's cooling fans are not running, this has an impact.

One needs a rolling mat or dyno type wheel spinner for real world accuracy.

Wind tunnel + dyno = as real as you can get

The NASCAR team, owned by Gene Haas, worked with Jacobs Engineering to develop a combination rolling road/wind tunnel that uses a steel belt to run the team's vehicles up to 180 MPH, while at the same time, gaining readings from each individual wheel. Coupled with wind tunnel technology, the system can not only get the car's wheels spinning, but can also thrust 2.85 million cubic feet of air over the vehicle every minute.

Nothing under the wheels below, but the turntable changes yaw angle.

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