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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I'd say insufficient sample. Results < 1% are down in the noise. How many passes for each of the three scenarios? Did you control for temperatures and wind speed/direction?

The deflector [apparently] leaves 2" of the tires tread exposed.
4.5 miles was round-trip, between 2 roundabouts. All tests done in the span of 30 minutes.

Almost 2 inches of the tire was exposed, it's less now with the new tires. Image updated in the first post.

Originally Posted by oldtamiyaphile View Post
Testing is nice, but frankly we have a pretty good archive to know what works based on previous user experience.

If you can't reliably test fuel economy, use coast down tests. If you notice more speed at the bottom of a hill you always drive, then your mod is working. I've always found that this is noticeable in the airdams I've done.

I've also found there's a lot less noise coming up from under the floor.

The actual fuel savings are harder to measure, but if it does the above then it's got to be helping.
I agree on the archive part, I've went through a lot of topics with aero mod results but nothing for a Jeep and all the trucks I could see had the wheels more tucked in.

The airdam worked, I'm sure of that, I've went through a few fuel tanks with it installed.
As for coastdown, the hills around here are all twisty or have a 30mph speed limit at the bottom

Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Please post bigger pics next time. Thanx
Heck, I even edited the current ones to comply

Originally Posted by kach22i View Post
Keep it on, it looks cool.

Tell us more about the material used.

Is there anyway you can make it more of a gentle radius verses a 90 degree bend?
It's some 3 mm plastic board from a local home improvement shop. Soft surface, bendy when heated up but brittle when cold.
I've tried a soft bend on the grille block, couldn't do it, maybe I need to heat it up differently, a heat gun is too focused.
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