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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
There is a tipping point where enough EVs are on the road that it makes sense to try to attract those customers to your business. More and more chargers are popping up around Portland and it isn't just for a green image. The most recently built hotel in Hillsboro has 6 chargers. That is an incentive for EV owners to stay at their hotel. Likewise chargers are showing up at newly build condos and apartments because that will attract EV owners (which for the most part are high-income renters you want to attract) The electricity used is peanuts compared to rents that are $2K plus a month.

I would say the US West Coast (California, Oregon, Washington) is getting close to that tipping point where you could own an EV and travel within those states without fear of running out of juice. The interior of the country is way behind and will take years or maybe decades to catch up.
Sure, it makes sense for hotels to provide EVSEs. In fact, that's among the best places for a business to offer one because the infrastructure is so cheap for L2 chargers, and people spend a lot of time parked at hotels.

It doesn't make sense for most other shops though, which is what RedDevil was talking about, and which I was responding to.

The main problem to EV adoption isn't lack of DCFC infrastructure; it's the many severe limitations of current battery technology, which I'm repeatedly talking about, and which nobody has objected to.

I'll never take an EV on a long road trip because I'm not willing to spend an hour charging every 150 miles. I'm also not willing to spend the money necessary to purchase an EV that has a huge battery with long range. That defeats the advantage and purpose of an EV, which is for local driving needs.
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