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All of which explains why the gas range extended version has outsold the battery only version of the i3 in the US.

Being dual-fuel tackles the range limitation anxiety and inconvenience well for longer trips. It's still not a great experience to have to refill the tiny gas tank every 60-80 miles, but filled at a station along with a 2 gallon can stuffed in the frunk, one can easily go up 120-160 miles at a time between services on gas alone. Start with a full charge and that becomes 180-240 miles with one quick refill from the frunk can. In my book, that's 3-5 hours of driving anyway and time to take a break - hopefully at a DCFC / gas combo station for the next leg of travel. Working that backward, that is 360-480 miles or so on just 3 stops totaling less than an hour of waiting (assuming a switch to slower level 2 to get to 100% charge after the DCFC slows at 80%).

Remembering when I had a wife and the kids were young, I'd be ecstatic if I could drive that far on just 3 stops!
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