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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I'm not connecting my EV to help power the power grid.

Plus right now the only vehicle to grid protocol is chademo. The cheapest home chademo charger is about $3,500 and doesn't do vehicle to grid.
Who's going pay $3,500 or more just to wear their battery out faster?
There would need to be a new standard for sure. but most all electrical components needed to do vehicle to grid are already in every vehicle. The onboard charger that converts 240v AC to ~400v DC could be used to push the other direction.

What would then be needed is for the vehicle to be internet connected so that charging/discharging could be remotely controlled on demand. Many vehicles are already internet connected.

It would be an opt-in sort of thing where with a phone app, you decide if or when you're participating in grid leveling and what state of charge range you're willing to utilize.

I'd happily sell 20 kWh of a 60 kWh battery at 10 cents each, making $2 per day in the process. That's $730 a year and not much wear on the battery. Imagine charging your EV at $0.05/kWh and selling power back at $0.15/kWh. I like the idea of a passive income on assets already owned, even if it is small.

I wouldn't participate either if my EV only had 23 kWh and no active thermal management. In the future, 40 kWh will be the smallest size EV battery. That leaves plenty of buffer for the typical owner to sell some energy back to the grid.

People already participate in sharing their under-utilized resources in projects like SETI at home, where an idle computer crunches numbers. Those participants don't even get compensated, so just think how popular grid leveling would be if there were incentive.

Heck, my average household electrical consumption is somewhere around 15 kWh. 1 EV alone could run 2 houses for a day.
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