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Originally Posted by Daschicken View Post
I was referring to shear as the ability of the oil to keep metal parts separated, not the decline in viscosity. Also, when I referenced 75 MPH above, that would be indicated, which is 10% optimistic. The tachometer is also optimistic, even more optimistic than if the speedo were dead on.(on a stock geared bike that is..)
Cruising speeds are not up to me, as I usually don't lead except for in the twisties, but we also aren't going 75 mph. Its usually around 65-70.
I believe that is referred to as film strength, and the thicker the oil the more there is. Pretty sure synthetic oils are superior to conventional in that respect.

How optimistic is the tach?

I don't have fairings, but I've noticed a significant decline in mileage once I get in the 70 mph range. At 80 mph (actual) it's in the low to mid 40s. I typically don't cruise that fast, but did consistently on my recent Interstate trip. We had a long ways to go...

Not really fun at those speeds without significant wind protection. I would expect the fairing will help your mileage as speeds increase.

Interested to see how high of numbers you can get.
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