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Kind feel like I hit a small jackpot today, I was looking up some VehiCross pictures and found a CCS instructor's website. Poking around I found this (and more).

From page-1:
Wind and Automotive Design – 1
This article was originally published on the September 1986 issue of Monthly Design, a major Korean design magazine.

It was a little over 30 years, so I revised and supplemented the article partially to fit today’s context. I hope this is helpful for those who design automobiles.

6. Other
In addition to the above, there are mirrors, lamps, wipers, and antennas that are related to the aerodynamic performance of the car. The mirror is essential for driving, but it affects various aerodynamic characteristics depending on its shape and location. Mirrors mounted on both sides of the door cause a wind noise. Also, the shape of the mirror is gradually streamlined considering the resistance of the air, and the streamlined mirror can reduce the resistance by about 50% compared with the flat one. One of the disadvantages of the door mirror (as opposed to fender mirrors, which is popular in Japan especially on taxies) is that it tends to generate a vortex which makes dust adhere to the window. To prevent this, a design of passing the wind between the base of the mirror and the window is often used.

There are 4-pages to the article.
Architect, Artist and Designer of Objects

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Chin Spoiler:

Rear Spoiler Pick Up Truck

Roof Wing

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