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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
CNG tanks usually can stand to a 900-bar pressure, even though nobody would really want to try it... But anyway, considering that I'm aware of LPG bottles being used as a makeshift cylinder for scuba diving, and since LPG tanks are rated to a much lower pressure than CNG tanks, I wouldn't trust a scuba diving cylinder as a CNG tank.
I have seen my fair share of ignorant people using cylinders way beyond their rated pressures.

A friend fills 300 bar scooba tanks (test pressure of 450 bar) for PCP (airrifle) use.

Once while I was at his house this guy came with an aluminium tank rated for 200 bars filled all the way to 300 bars. The real horror was the standard plumbing parts rated for 10 bars that he had concocted to transfer the gas!

Lpg tanks are usually rated to 20 bars with a much higher burat pressure.
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