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Originally Posted by Taylor95 yesterday
In one of my classes, I had the chance to visit the university's aquaponic system. It was very efficient, with the waste from fish essentially feeding the plants. If something like that was implemented on a large scale, there wouldn't be any food shortages. The system impressed me to the point that I want to build my own. An interesting sidenote is that an analysis of the products showed that they had higher levels of some nutrients than conventionally grown produce.

New Alchemy Institute:

Their current iteration:

There is another underlying
theme, which was borrowed from
the teachings of Taoist science, of
which I was a student, that is
that science not practiced out of a
context of sacredness or
responsibility was a devil's
We asked ourselves the question: Is it possible to grow the food needs of a small group of people in a small space without harming the environment and without enormous recourse to external sources of energy and materials on a continuing basis? The whole idea was: Could we design a system that is self-sustainable and capable of functioning as a system?
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