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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
I'm sorry but again you are being misled. I have seen data on the BigBattery as was posted on another forum by someone who lives there and will share it here if I can find it again but I can tell you this from memory: A 100MW battery does not even make a visible dent in any situation of a 2GW grid. Even if it was ever used at a 1C discharge rate. Which we have never seen since some brief tests during commisioning. There was a brown out event when one of the thermal generators suddenly went offline due to extreme unmet demand and the BigBattery was seen to chip in 50 MW in brief spurts off and on for 2 hours. Mining the $2,000/ MWh peaks and really making only an intermittent 2.5% contribution. 50MW is hardly going to break the backs of any thermal supply in a 2GW grid that is only having problems with frequency support due to having prematurely shuttered too much of their previously reliable thermal generation in favor of unreliable wind.
Why don't you get your link first and then post. The facts are in the articles I linked to.

The Hornsdale battery is NOT meant to be the sole supplier of backup power for a substantial duration in case of a big power failure.
If you think I believe it is, I understand why you think I'm misled. But I repeat, that's not the main goal of the battery.
Rather, it is meant to stabilize the grid and limit energy cost fluctuations - and does that very effectively.
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