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Let's hear it from Aurecon's managing director Paul Gleeson:
HPR was ultimately designed to work as part of a system which reduces the likelihood of power failure in South Australia. HPR was intended to specifically combat issues and challenges relating to:

SA’s dependence on interconnection to Victoria (i.e. security challenges relating to the Heywood Interconnector)
Availability and pricing of system security services – supply and pricing for these was materially impacted by the retirement of synchronous thermal generation in 2016
SA’s rapid transition to a greater reliance on variable renewable energy, including rooftop solar (SA has one of the world’s highest penetrations of renewable energy generation – 48.9% in 2016/17, up from less than 1% in early 2000s and predicted to rise to 73% in 2020/21).
(etc., etc)
The Future Energy system needs system stability and security to be provided by a new asset type, as we transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy... HPR provides this vital service every day, for milliseconds and seconds at a time – which means significantly improved system stability and significantly reduced risk of a System Black event.

Most Australians are in favour of renewable energy, we also know they don’t want to pay more for their electricity and we know they want their lights to stay on. Wind and solar are the lowest cost form of new build energy source, however the impact of their increasing share of generation in the market are on system strength and stability.

Projects like HPR are truly transformational as they enable us to integrate increasing amounts of wind and solar as existing coal and gas generation comes to the end of its operating life. HPR is an integral part of achieving that goal – giving consumers what they want, through supporting a secure network and providing stable, affordable and reliable generation.

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