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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
I read everything you posted and there is some information (intentionally?) missing. The chart showing the wholesale pricing going down 20 minutes after the battery started to contribute 35 MW indicates to me that SA must have several small interconnected grids that bill to a small area independently and they are showing the price change for this small area. This is the only explanation as to how injecting such a small amount of power could have any effect at all. There is no way that a 35MW addition can have ANY meaningful influence on a 2 GW load. But, if the gas companies have quit gouging for their stabilization services during shortages because they don't want to leave the door open for more battery installations that may eventually reach a level that does add up to something substantial, then it has made a good accomplishment.
Total load is not relevant for what the battery does. The way the load varies is.

The bidding for services like the battery and the gas generators provide is fully automatic and varies much like the stock market does, sometimes seemingly completely detached from actual requirements. Until someone tries to rig the system, like the gas generators did. It has nothing to do with your small independently billed grids (where does that come from ?)

Traditional power plants have resistor banks to burn off excess electricity, as they had to produce a slight overage to prevent running short when demand suddenly increases faster than the can respond to, like in case of a plant failure somewhere else.
The Hornsdale battery reduces the need for that as it can absorb the excess power and deliver it back when needed. It already has prevented several brownouts that would have occurred without its intervention.

Then there is power quality control (voltage, frequency, sine shape) where the Hornsdale battery excels in, as it has full control over its output, down to a fraction of a millisecond.

Costs has gone down since it is operational, stability and quality have gone up. What's not to like?
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