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The principle of Least Work?
Originally Posted by redpoint5
I watch about half the videos linked by freebeard only because there's a limit to what I can consume while juggling other obligations and interests in a day.

As a thought experiment, let's envision humans going back to only what they "need". We're all living in caves, scrounging for food.
I try to limit embedded videos to what is [at least somewhat] on topic. Curiously, while you were posting that I was watching this (thirteen minutes on the Primitve Technology guy and how we take shoes for granted):

Did the extracted subtitles help?

Right now I'm listening to Lionel Nation, he's going nuts about Michael Cohen in Congress while the President is in *Vietnam* ending a 70-year war. He's really leaning into that black wall in a hole in the ground and the movie Winter Soldier and how we veterans were treated.

At midnight last night I watched Trump standing under a 25ft bust of Ho Chi Min overseeing millions of dollars of contract between Vietnamese airlines and Boeing and Sabra.


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