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Honestly, I don't remamber the last time I sat in front a TV ans watched a entire film or even 30 minutes of some TV program. I developed aversion to HD digital broadcast, which combined with aversion for LCD (LED backlight too) screens turned me quite fobic to digital home video technology.
I only watch clips on PC and not in full screen. Maybe I accept it cause I was used to days before high speed internet, to accept poorer things from web. But I refuse to accept this actual "quality" from TV broadcast, digital artifacts of video compression and LCD screen countless dowsides.

I watched clips from Star Wars last episode and I discovered some interesting things.

-There is a new Force, not the dark side or the light side, but one even fast to learn, the black side of the force, when a afro man turn a jedi faster than anyone.

-They wasted a lot of lives trying to destroy the Death Star, when a single ship junging to light speed in front of Death Star could have destroyed it or damaged up to let it unfunctional.

-Luke Skywalker abandon his advanced cybernetic hand with natural skin finish to build a new one using pieces from his garage.

-Wookies almost don't get old or gray hair.

-They are using botox and facelift in other galaxies.

-Jedis are supposed proud of their scars from duels, but for other side try to hide it with tatoons cause their dermatology in their galaxy are so crap and wastfull as ours in terms of remove scars.

-The red "guards" with helmets usualy waits to be killed by jedis if the silly coreography of fight said it so.

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