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The guy from "Attack the Block" survived. I cannot say much more for his mastery of light saber dueling, except that I would have been able to block, parry, or anything else.
The Hyperspace Attack was a mistake. Why aren't there hyperspace missiles--or torpedoes?
Who said Luke lost his hand? What if he just lost the natural skin finish? What if the cybernetic hand was damaged beyond repair and the best that he could do was scavenge parts from his garage?
Wookiees are supposed to for centuries, and while Chewbacca was kind of treated like a pet, not awarded a medal in "Return of the Jedi," and Leia ignored him to hug Rey.
Unless you are not referring to space bears from Kashyyyk and are talking about something else.
J.J. Abrams admitted the hug scene was probably a mistake.
Do you expect people in the middle of a war to have time to worry about scars? I spent twelve months in Afghanistan. Personnel just worried about healing.
"Boot to the Head" proved that groups of bad guys rarely gang up on individual protagonists--they attack one or two at a time, while the others dance menacingly.
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