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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I didn't say EVs would not fail, I said they are unlikely to fail.
I would word it 'less likely', but I generally agree. I purchased the ATV's as surplus ... some of my issues were certainly expected.

Comparing the reliability of modern passenger EVs to an ATV is a mistake.
I hadn't really thought about it that way. I guess the engineering time can't be invested when the unit sales are 1/10 or 1/100 (maybe 1/1000) of passenger vehicles. Good point.

It's too soon to say how reliable they will be since the oldest ones are only 8 years old, but so far they have shown to be very dependable. Batteries tend to degrade over time rather than catastrophically die. It's almost unheard of with other components failing. I've heard of a handful of motors getting replaced by Tesla.

Seems to be a difference in my outlook on life compared to many others. I generally plan for success, not for failure.
I hope for success, but plan alternates and backup plans at every juncture I can .. it takes effort and time.

I'm willing to risk more to gain more. What I mean is, I'd rather bank on the reliability of EVs at the risk of having to get one towed 100 miles if there were problems than to own a vehicle I know will need much work but only need a 15 mile tow.
Yup. I agree with that. I might even buy something that I expect to have to fix myself. As long as my wife does not need to drive it!

... and at some point I expect 3rd party EV repair shops to pop up. They'll never be as prevalent as regular auto shops because we're near peak automobile, and EVs will have much fewer problems requiring much less work to resolve.

I really need to review my posts before I hit send. In retrospect I often appear all-too-argumentative.

I agree with most of the content posted ... but go way over-board trying to make a point. Silly, really!

It's a good thing that others, like you, have the etiquette ... or perhaps the patience? .. to respond to such posts in a reasonable manner.
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