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Originally Posted by Stubby79 View Post
Unless it's fuel injected, I doubt it would get very good gas mileage. Maybe not even then. The BSFC on these engines is about 350 g/kwh; That's in the poor range of a car engine, which will hit about 250 g/kwh in it's sweet spot. No timing advance, no OHC, nada to help it.

There's a similar video with a Geo Metro with a 10hp diesel and a CVT. That might have been limited in speed, but would have been a bit more efficient at least.
Just found out Honda is finally introducing new small engines, a new gcv series with 145, 170, and 200cc engines.They included some fuel consumption at "continuous rated output at 3600 RPM" figures with only two significant digits, but here were the results.

Assuming gas weighs 6.2 lbs per gallon, also assuming their "continuous rated output at 3600 RPM" means maximum power output at 3600 RPM, which was listed.

GCV 145 (7.7:1 CR) 263 g/kw/h
GCV 170 (8.0:1 CR) 247 g/kw/h
GCV 200 (8.0:1 CR) 247 g/kw/h

Its too bad the 145 was dumbed down with a lower compression ratio, it is the only undersquare engine of the three. These new engines however are much more undersquare than the engines they are replacing. The engines these are replacing also had higher compression ratios as well: 8.5:1

No promise a chinese clone of older Honda pushrod technology is that efficient, but don't underestimate small engine efficiency.
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