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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
If you don't like the power company then go off grid.
Don't like the oil companies, get an electric vehicle.

To buy enough battery capacity to charge let's say help charge 1 vehicle at 350kw would want a 700v system because this is a common inverter voltage. The bank would have to be made up of at least 97 12v batteries rated for 225 amp hours.
That many batteries could supply around 70kw of charging power. So you may want more like 2 or 3 of these banks per vehicle.
Each battery would weigh around 130lb, cost $400 each.
Each battery bank would cost around $40,000, contain around 10,000 pounds of lead and would need to be replaced around every 5 years. Just to charge 1 or 2 cars at 1 location. The battery houses would have to be climate controlled because that much charge and discharge would make a lot of heat.
So it's a bad idea and dumb idea.

I'm assuming none of you who think it's a good idea to "use a battery bank" even tried to figure how much battery it would take to supply even a portion of 350kw?
I suspect that these issues will be addressed at a utility level,rather than a homeowner level.
They already have 3-phase,and can dink around with their resistive,inductive,and reactive values to hit a soft-start,power factor of one, in all load scenarios,and lose the demand inrush cost penalty.
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