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Originally Posted by ksa8907 View Post
Then the next question (which I really hope has been addressed) can the current infrastructure handle the increase in demand from widespread adoption of electric vehicles? Particularly, those that want to fast charge everytime they "fill up".

The system is already strained in the late afternoon on hot summer days when people get home and crank their a/c down, now charging their cars at the same time? I think the "connected" car is going to need to be present very early on to know when the system has capacity to charge it's battery.
The numbers for how many EVs can be handled was run years ago.I'll look for that ,unless another member has that in hand.Seems like a million EVs could be accommodated with zero changes.
As to charging,the scenario most mentioned,is charging while people sleep,during off-peak,and when utilities have to maintain expensive spinning reserve for a market that 'could' be there,but isn't.
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