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on start up

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Where I work we use more power every day than a 2 story 2400sq.ft. house with a family of 5 uses in 12 years.
And they are not shy about spending several million dollars to lower the bills. 3 expansions to conserve natural gas, power but mostly to save water, all no less than 10 million each.
The 700hp ammonia compressor motors draw up to 1,100 amps of 480 on start up and they cycle on and off all the time.
500hp motors draw 500 to 700 amps depending on if they are driving compressors or turbo fans.
We don't use batteries.
Bank maintenance would cost more than it would save.
There are 'soft-start' ways to go,where that fractional power-factor penalty inrush can be dispensed with,and the motor will never pull more than it's nameplate current.
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