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CBS' 60-MINUTES climate piece

The 60-MINUTES piece was about Juliana vs The United States (Our Children's Trust lawsuit)
Julia Olson,Oregon attorney for the defendants,said this case is the 'most compelling case I've ever litigated in twenty years.'
They've accumulated 36,000 pages of federal documents,dating back to the the LBJ administration in 1965.
Every administration new about global warming.Every administration was briefed on global warming.
The US Government does not dispute any of the facts.Ms. Olson has government officials with their own words.
Atmospheric greenhouse gases are at levels not seen in 2.6-million years,impacting life,species,seal-level rise,food security,and an 'economic crisis that we have never seen.'
President Trump has attempted to block the court proceedings three times.If the case goes to trial,it will be judged solely on facts.
The next court date is June,2019.
The evidence is available for view @ 60 MINUTES Overtime
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