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Iris Hypothesis

I went to NASA.They had an article on it,dating to 2002,about Richard Lindzen's iris hypothesis of the 1980s.
There's nothing on it in contemporary scientific literature.
It looks like an MIT pedigree doesn't guarantee a free pass, when hypotheses goes up against a test.
Solar radiometers weren't very accurate in his day,and could be off by an order of magnitude,compared to 1999 and later instruments.
Lindzen wouldn't have had any fore knowledge about that.
We now know that the atmosphere performs a function,not unlike an iris.It has nothing to do with clouds.
When solar insolation is at maximum,atmospheric chemistry increases the ozone concentration in the stratosphere,which is opaque to much of the solar spectra,preventing the extra energy from coming through,cooling the planet during solar maximum.Opposite what one might intuit.
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