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Am I to understand that automakers are going to re-introduce the flat-head engine? Mr.Singh' groovy technology appears to show great efficiency in this type of engine technology,and perhaps he may see a rebirth on the horizon.-----------------------Also,I find it remarkable to use both turbulent and laminar in the same context.---------------------And no doubt, physicists worldwide,will marvel at Mr.Singh's ability to disassociate oxygen and nitrogen inside a combustion chamber.No mean feat!------------------------- Addititionally,since vapor- fuel demonstrates no fuel economy benefit over vapor/droplet fuel,it's surprising that a potentially more turbulent mixture would provide greater (over-unity?) energy release.-----------------------Charge turbulence occurs in the inlet tract,a function of Reynold's number and velocity and begins to subside by the time of BDC.----------------------------"Swirl" can occur inside the combustion chamber,a function of port,combustion chamber, and piston top design.Swirl usually leads to charge stratification and heterogeneous pockets of lean and rich mixture.When anticipated and designed around,this stratification can be exploited for certain purposes with up to three spark plugs/cylinder.-------------------------------- Torque is a function of Brake Mean Effective Pressure and has to do with optimum charging efficiency which occurs at approximately one-half peak horsepower rpm.The charge itself is the mass of fuel and air delivered to the cylinder. -------------------------------------- Some independent laboratory experiments would help us to better evaluate any inherent benefits associated with the Singh grooves.I remain very skeptical.
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