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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
The Edison in-wheel suspension was not a good idea. It adds to unsprung weight needlessly and compromises the length of travel. Conventional suspension is pretty good. It didn't really solve any problems.

I'm not sure where this extra unsprung weight you're talking about comes into it?

I see a coilover, a couple arms, a brake caliper/rotor, and a hub, all cleverly packaged, but the same stuff as in any current car.

But you certainly have a point about somewhat limited travel.

That's one of the drive wheels. That reduction box/portal axle thing does look to add some unsprung mass. But IIRC the reason for it was to tuck the axle aerodynamically up with the main suspension support spar above. Throw the drive axle straight into the back of the hub there, and I'm still not seeing the reduction in unsprung weight with something like a Honda civic:

Orbis... yeah, they're adding unsprung weight, but they seem to weigh about half (35lbs) of what other hub motors weigh. Seems like a win and pretty non-unicorn to me.
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