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The shooter had the surprise element. There was no time to a buch of people identify the shooter and move against hin, since the panic and the surprise element it's too strong. This could lead to miss identification of the shooter and people shooting other people while imnagining the defense response was just another shooter.

USA people have easier access to automatic guns or compact automati guns. These brazilian shooter had only a pistol or revolver, a hatchet and a crossbow.

Look the second link I posted, without the large blur effect on video. The second guy it's the second evil guy, and he attacked people with a hatchet.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post

Someone fought back though. That's what it takes. Only a few people fighting back will save many.

If someone wants you dead, there's nothing you can do to prevent it. The point isn't to save the 1 person, it's to save the many others. Several people carrying guns who are not identified as carrying guns may have stopped the rampage before it got to 8 people. In the US, the body count is often higher.

There was a guy that came into the autopart store with a revolver on his hip. Unfortunately this is an uncommon practice here, at least where I live. If people routinely (and openly) carried, it would send the message to bad guys that they are likely to be met with prepared opposition.

My sister conceal carries. Doesn't send the message to not mess about, but she'd certainly respond if needed.

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