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I think they are not sure.
A forensic psychiatrist told that can be sure mental illness, but he failed to describe mental illness. Today almost nobody it's free from psychologic problems according some fields of modern psychology. Mental illness can go from a slight fobia to something, some repetitive gesture like light obssessive compulsion, and go to things like psychosis.
He pointed that the midia and politic parties blaming video games and internet are pointless, since according hin the shooter born with amental illness. The seconbd shooter was pointed by hin as someone with a weak mind, following the dominant first shooter.

Personally I think the shooter can be bipolar, psychotic, psychopath, borderline... Mental illness from many types, but something can had target hate on hin to reach the point of such violence. The social hate in social networks today can had some influence.
Of course normal people would not to such thing, even with a lot og violent games and hate groups on web. But we must think about the danger of such culture for people with some mental illness. And there are a lot, really a lot people with mental illnes, in degree of concern, in society.
I think people who kill a wife/husband for jealousy aree in similar category.

Let's remamber that in psychiatry they consider normal people who do not steal, who do not kill, who do not lie without good reason, who don't do a lot of things. Other scientists consider that if we take a lot of things we will end in a situation that almost noone is normal.

I don't know... the forensic psychiatrist sounded somewhat arrogant. Many peolle don't do crazy things for be afraid of get jail, and not because they are ok.

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Was the motivation behind the killings revealed?

I've got a friend in NZ right now. I'll have to see what they know.
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