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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
I have the diagrams, and there are several very promising candidates but they have arcane names like HTRS, FANC, RLYCTRL, ENGRDY, AC ON and SG2. I did some testing a few years back and found that if I unplugged the wires from the climate control module, I didn't get auto-stop anymore. This suggests to me that there's a signal it sends to the ECU that says basically "ready for auto-stop", and if I cut that one I won't get any more auto-stop under any circumstances. My bet is on it being "ENGRDY".

I get lean burn when it's subzero outside.

The only factor that absolutely stops it seems to be that the engine is warmed up.
My guess would be whatever wire gets a different signal when you push the "AUTO" button vs "ECON" would be the fastest way to test this.
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