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My family insisted that I ruined my 35th birthday. This was some months after I bought my Civic and I think that I was still trying to remove the nut on the exhaust pipe and replace the oil pan. I could not drive my car and asked a friend to drive me to the store so I could pick up cake and ice cream.

She arrived an hour later than I expected, so I was still a couple of miles away when they arrived, and they were quite impatient for my return.

If I ever figure out how to send a text message back in time I will tell myself "Bolt extractors!"

Someone told me about them after I finally fixed it, but somehow they never came up while I spent weeks trying to figure it out.

Curiously, I actually had two birthday gatherings that year. My sister hosted them every year until this one, but she did not like my then-girlfriend, so I was prohibited from inviting my significant other. I am not saying my sister was wrong, that was the one that asked to make payments on my Subaru, but refused to get insurance, called the police on me, sued, and then got in a motorcycle accident and died.

I wish that she had just gotten married like my other exes.

It is funny how happy I feel when my exes get engaged.

Since she was not invited to my birthday party at my sister's house, I decided to have a gathering at my place. I chose a day and time and then found out that my then-girlfriend was working.

You know, had I planned around it, she could have brought cake and ice cream, and I could have been on-time to my own birthday party.

At my sister's house, it was pretty much just her, myself, and our parents. I do not remember the kids being there. I was having a nice chat with Mom and Dad and my sister walked in, turned on "Brave," and left the room.

So, then we were talking over a movie, and it was kind of distracting.

Was that the year she bought my brother-in-law's favorite cake for my birthday? I don't know. Was that the year she served my nephew the first slice? I don't know, but she did that again this year, even after Mom told her she served the birthday boy first.

"No I don't [serves our sister-in-law first]."

Hey, I like my sister-in-law. I gave her a hug!

I did not hug my sister... The last time she wanted to hug me it was like the scene from "Big Bang Theory" where Penny gave Sheldon a napkin Leonard Nimoy used and signed and he hugged her. "Look Leonard! He's hugging me!"

My sister had offered to take care of everything, but the entire point was to prevent her from controlling my birthday. Buying all of that stuff was surprisingly expensive.

I just realized a couple dozen more people wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook. That made me feel better, although a little bad.

I had neglected to invite two of the people that posted on my wall. Oops!

I hope that each of you enjoyed your weekend. Please take care!
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