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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
Tesla is raising prices because they need to show a profit.

There is very little overlap between Teslas and other current EVs. Tesla makes pefmormance EVs whole the rest of the market is practical commuters.
Little overlap indeed. Everyone knows you cannot do a commute with a Tesla.
Makes me wonder why I see more Teslas on my commute than all other EVs combined.

Actually I do well know why. A colleague of mine bought a Tesla Model S because his commute is over 100 km one way. Charges at home, even though we do have superchargers 200 meter away from our office.
He says that if you spend this much time in a car it is important that it is silent, comfortable and relaxing to drive; Autopilot takes away much of the strain of clogged commuting.

So, Teslas are the EV of choice for long commuters, so you do see them relatively often.
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