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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
The chargers in Detroit are new since a last looked. So now my friends can finally go to Bend.

The other 2/3rds of the state is AWESOME. Great hiking, fishing, rafting, riding. Yes, you can do those things around the Portland metro but you will be doing it with 10 of your best buddies you have never seen before.

Too many people in PDX like to get outdoors. It is near impossible to find a campsite within 2 hours of PDX on a Friday evening unless you skip out of work early.
The 6 chargers have been in the town of 900 since 2013. Back then I just chuckled wondering what Tesla was thinking. The Model S had been out for just a year. I'm sure they are getting more use now.

Agreed about outdoors being crowded in the Portland area, though there's still some less traveled stuff... I grew up in Salem, so most of my outdoor areas are infrequently visited. Dozens of logging roads up highway 22. I had never paid to camp until a few years ago when I visited Yellowstone. I didn't even realize that was much of a thing and was pretty upset to pay $20 for a concrete pad in a crowded desert campsite. The camp administrator yelled at me for grabbing a broken twig that was hanging by a thread from a tree to use as a roasting stick. He threatened to send me to federal prison. Good thing he didn't see the dead tree I pushed over and hacked into firewood.
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